JPN now streamline functions as an agency that serves as the planning, formulation and implementation of the housing sector in Malaysia to ensure that the issues and the implementation of the housing sector in Malaysia is responsive and viable.In order that the NRD is developing Housing Data Bank System (TEDUH) are expected to be completed in 2017.

TEDUH will be the main gate to get the data supply and demand of housing in the country through the integration of all data available in the country housing.Integration system involves cooperation between the Federal Government agencies such as the Federal Territories Ministry, the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, Implementation Coordination Unit, Prime Minister's Department, State Government agencies and private developers like PRIMA and SPNB.Through this system developed, the data can be monitored consistently housing and will assist in the preparation of reports / projections and planning and housing policies that are more holistic.The system will be accessible through the portal and mobile apps.